i98FM Illawarra Convoy

i98fm Illawarra Convoy

YATCON CIVIL PTY LTD in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were a proud part of the i98fm Illawarra Convoy.

Yatcon Civil purpose built a world standard Freestyle Motocross arena which attracted some of the worlds best Freestyle Motocross riders all in the name of charity.

The thousands of people who attended the event witnessed a show like no other!!


YATCON CIVIL has donated generously to the Illawarra Convoy each year.

YATCON CIVIL is proud to be supporting the i98fm 2020 Convoy this year with another world class freestyle motocross show at this years event. 

Kye's Convoy Dream 2019

Last Year Kye's Convoy dream was achieved by raising $605,000.00 for the 2019 Illawarra Convoy! Kye's Convoy Dream lead the 2019 Trucks & Bikes for the Illawarra Convoy!

KYECON, Kye's custom Kenworth T909 was also named The 2019 Truck of the Year by Owner Driver Magazine. 


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